Saturday, February 20, 2021

# 18 Church of Mary, Star of the Sea


Church of Mary, Star of the Sea

          We were in Kilcorhane, County Cork Easter week.  We peeked into a church as parishioners were decorating for Easter Sunday, the next day.

          It began to rain so we stopped in Church of Mary, Star of the Sera to stay dry.

          Just before it rained we took a lovely walk along the rim of the forest and a few feet in. As we walked, I imagined Errol Flynn, as Robin Hood, in his stance on a tree branch and say, "Welcome to Sherwood Forest"... it was that dense and the trees that tall. On our way back from the forest we passed over a small footbridge above a wide, clear running stream. The bottom of the stream was lined by large stones. We stopped to enjoy the trickling sound of the water.

          As we waited in the church, marveling at the quaint altar and nave, we came up with a scene for the book, including the forest, stream, and church.

          We noticed the that the rain on the west coast always came with fierce winds, dark, heavy clouds and a fresh fragrance in the air.

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