Monday, September 1, 2014

Geology Wonder

Many decades ago when I was an undergraduate student, I was required to take a physical science class. Anxious to finish and move on to graduate school, I signed up for the only class available that fit into my schedule. Wondering how in the world the study of Geology had anything to do with speech pathology, I girded up my loins, bit my tongue and walked into class. Convinced it would be a total waste of time, I went prepared to doodle during lecture, labs and field trips.
Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the class tremendously. It was hard work, but the study of geological land formations and field trips fascinated me.

Though, I must admit, I never once used my study of rocks in speech therapy, I believe required classes outside of majors make for a well rounded individual. I like to think of myself as a “Closet Geologist” 30 years later, always picking up geology magazines when available and examining rocks. Those dreaded full-day field trips to the unknown, weird places, now serve as day trips/Get Aways to roam around and enjoy the beauty of this planet.