Tuesday, April 2, 2013


April is a special month for me since it is my birthday month. Also, my sister (#3 in the family line up) and my husband’s.  Then of course there is Easter and when I got older … the dreaded income tax deadline.
However something special happened in my life in 2006 that changed it forever.
My sister (#4 in the family line up) called and said she was going to adopt a baby as a single mother.
Four months later- the call came. Joanne called each one of at work said “My daughter will be ready to come home in two days”.
The three of us were so nervous we couldn’t sleep for two nights and munched lots of chocolate the next 2 days.
It finally happened…we huddled in the Guatemala City hotel lobby at 12:45 waiting for the 1:00 meeting time. At 1:05 a group of people came in with the most beautiful baby girl in their arms. Our hearts swelled to meet 11 month old Jenny for the first time. Her chocolate brown eyes were huge when she saw my husband with a full salt and pepper beard and mustache. Then she smiled with a set of dimples that went for miles.
Something special happened between Jenny and each of as we held her.  The look, the smile with her single bottom tooth took our hearts and soul.
She is now 7 years old. It has been a joy to be a part of her life.  After all, Auntie and Uncle can do no wrong… in her eyes at least.