Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth of July

The second summer after our niece, Jenny, joined us she was 27 months old that July. My sister, husband and I decided to introduce her to the Fourth of July and went for a full fledged American picnic and fireworks display.
During the early evening there were displays, military vehicles, fire trucks, and helicopters, all for the public to enjoy up close and personal. Music blared from peoples radios. Jenny’s mother brought some flags for us to wave.
Just as the entertainment began, the band played our national anthem. Jenny stood up took two flags and began to wave them in the air as the night sky darkened. It was particularly poignant since Jenny was born in Guatemala and she how has freedom that she will grow up with and enjoy the rest of her life.
          Let’s celebrate our freedom every year!

Enjoy your 4th.