Saturday, January 9, 2021

#12 The Sheep of Ireland


 The Sheep

Throughout Ireland, herds of sheep can be found dotting the landscape, in some places making the fields, appears covered in snowballs.

          As we traveled west into the less populated areas of the countryside, the herds became larger and more frequent. It’s not uncommon for flocks of sheep, and their shepherds to hold up traffic as they saunter along and across the narrow roads. The sheep may occasionally look up at the cars or break away from the herd to scan your car or even come up to the car window and greet you. They were friendly animals, always looking at travelers, bleating, and enjoying tourists.

          The Ring of Kerry we came across a very narrow road carved out of the side of a hill. We rounded a curve and suddenly, only a few feet from the road, the side of the cliff was straight down. We weren’t sure if we were going to end up over the side until we saw a sign telling us the road we were on was called "Goat’s Pass.” That explained it all! Though it was difficult to think of sheep or goats, with their shepherds, straddling the hillside on that narrow road not falling off the cliff!

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