Sunday, November 8, 2020

#7 Tracy's House/Office


Tracy's House/Office

We decided to base Tracy Morton, our female protagonist, in a beach community which we call, Bonita Beach.

          We took a drive along the coast looking for the ideal house with a third-floor office and a  lookout balcony facing the ocean.

           It was a beautiful southern California morning (just as parts of so. California was beginning to reopen due to the quarantine). We were lucky the beach traffic was still pretty light, and after a couple of hours of driving and taking photographs of likely candidates, we found two perfect houses. So, we combined the two houses, it was just as we envisioned.

          As with all of our books, we take field trips to find the perfect location/architecture for our scenes. We want to be sure they fit the characters and locations of the story. Field trips are perfect for a couple writing together.

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