Saturday, October 17, 2020

#6 What is the difference between a Pub, Inn and Tavern in Ireland?



What is the difference between a Pub, Inn, and Tavern in Ireland?

          The moment we stepped off the plane in Dublin we were bombarded with ads for Pubs, Inns, and Taverns. Both of us scratched our heads and wondered what the difference was. After all, they all served alcoholic drinks.

          After a few days, we figured it out. All of them serve alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, but the difference was:

A TAVERN serves food as well as alcohol. They are also a place to do business, friends meet for a meal or drinks, and families have lunch or dinner there.

A PUB (short for Public House) serves alcoholic drinks and soft drinks only. Food is seldom served (usually snacks) and children are not permitted.

AN INN serves food, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks plus has lodgings. It is a place to stay overnight, hold meetings, do business and families are welcome for all meals.

          After visiting all three we were able to figure out what scenes were most appropriately set in a pub, an inn, or tavern for our book, STONE PUB.

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