Saturday, December 5, 2020

#10 Trinitarian Abbey, Adare


Trinitarian Abbey, Adare

Driving through the pouring rain to Dublin, we stopped to stretch our legs in the village of Adare, in County Limerick.

          Looking out our car window, we saw the Holy Trinity Abbey Church, founded in 1226. We figured the Abbey would be dry inside and we would be able to walk around without getting soaked. As with almost every place we’ve encountered in Ireland, it was an amazing place. In fact, the 1856 restoration kept a portion of the original medieval nave! The original eight hundred-year-old stone walls and timber ceilings still stand in sharp contrast to the later additions.

          We read all the plaques and other information posted around, outlining the history of the abbey. We could feel the history of the building as we touched the walls and breathed in the air. The fact that so many important things occurred under the spots where we stood gave us chills. These feelings, which we put in our book, would hopefully accompany our characters as they travel through the country in search of the truth for Patrick Lyons..


 To see more of the inside of the church click below.

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