Saturday, September 26, 2020

#3 Traditional Irish Fare


Traditional Irish Fare

          We stopped for brunch at the Londonderry Arms Hotel, in Carnlough, County Antrim. It was freezing cold and raining, we were chilled to the bone. We walked into the hotel, the fireplace was burning and the hotel was as charming hotel as you would imagine. The hotel was built in 1848  as a coaching inn. In 1921 the hotel was inherited by Winston Churchill.

        This is where we had our first taste of Irish cuisine. We sampled a few dishes, i.e. Boxty, Colcannon, Irish stew, White and Black Pudding, and the most delicious Irish stew made with lamb.

          Since we have to feed our characters, we made notes on the food and referred to them while writing various scenes. I noticed how very gracious the Irish people were during our visit. We made sure the supporting characters, who are Irish, were as gracious as they could be...for a murder mystery that is.

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